Why Watch Out for Cash Leakage

Cash Leakage

Cash Leakage

Cash Leakage is a major budget killer.  It sneaks up on you and you don’t even realize it.  Most people that keep a firm and accurate budget refer to it as the “silent killer” of all budgets.

Your budget could be a solid and prosperous budget one week and when you start paying your bills, you realize that somewhere you miscalculated and there appears to not be as much money in your account as you had once thought.  What happened?  You followed your budget to the letter and there still is a problem somewhere.  This is the cash leakage that you need to look out for.

It can take the form of a variety of different avenues.  It can be a higher percentage rating on your line of credit.  It could be the often overlooked dining out that most of us partakes in.  In could even be something as simple as buying a soda when you fill up your car.  All of these are ways that your budget is hemorrhaging money and you don’t even realize it.

When you are figuring your monthly budget into your Easy Budgeter program, or a similar program, be sure to always add in these types of expenditures on a regular basis.  Most veteran budget keepers refer to it as a “cushion” of money to keep.  This “cushion” is dependant on your spending habits and your creature comforts you enjoy.  It will vary from person to person so it is absolutely necessary to be honest with yourself and to understand your own spending habits when completing your monthly budget.

It’s simple to do.  Just add in a new expense and title it as something you’ll recognize easily such as “Cushion”; “Comforts”; “Rewards”, etc.  This will keep your budget in line and cash leakage won’t haunt you.

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John Mills

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